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Praise/Prayer List

Online access to an updated praise/prayer list.

Praise/Prayer List



  • Carol Martin was baptized on 04/14/22.
  • Ethan Heinly was baptized on 04/03/22.
  • Spencer Henry was baptized on 04/03/22.
  • Cliff Henry was baptized on 04/03/22.
  • Rylee Alder was baptized on 03/13/22.
  • Lynette Whitlock placed her membership with the church on 03/20/2022.
  • Bill & Kate Goodrich placed their membership with the church on 02/06/2022.
  • Rob & Shilo Esterline placed their membership with the church on 02/13/2022.
  • Daniel & Chelsea Trujillo were baptized on 02/09/22.
  • Robert Staples was baptized on 12/30/21.
  • Chris Koepp was baptized on 12/26/21.
  • Nicole Anderson was baptized on 12/26/21.
  • Russell Mullan was baptized on 12/14/21.
  • Michelle Fisher was baptized on 12/13/21.
  • Keaton Steele was baptized on 12/10/21.
  • Faith Hall was baptized on 11/14/21.
  • Cheyenne Watson, 22 year old niece of the Wings, is dealing with ovarian cancer & is receiving Chemo treatments. She went in for a 6 months check up and she is cancer free!!!
  • Praise the Lord that Gail Kerwin was scheduled to go home on 03/24/22. She had a liver and kidney transplant on 11/14/21. Everything went great. Please keep praying that her recovery goes well.

Recent Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for the future of our Church and for the new building as we move forward in God's timing.
  • Rhonda Stewart – Is still having a lot of trouble breathing as well as retaining fluids. She is now home and is suffering from congestive heart failure.
  • Pray for God to lead us to a new Principal/Director of our Christian School.
  • Pray that God will lead us to the right teachers for the fall.
  • Connie Wilson is still struggling to get her blood pressure & her blood sugars to stay steady. She is scheduled for cataract surgery on 5/23/22.
  • Rachelle Keith had some tests done on Monday, 5/2/22.
  • Mary Andrews has been moved to Casper Mountain Rehabilitation Center with pseudo gout in her knee. Please pray for healing.
  • Russell Runyon, father of Debbie Coates, fell and went to the hospital. He is now at Meadow Winds. Pray that his body will heal.
  • Karen, step-mom of Todd Erickson has cancer in several areas of her body and is not doing well.
  • Mary Davis, mom of Lauren Miller & Nicole Reents, is in Denver with an infection that is causing blood O2 and blood pressure issues. They have gotten those under control and did a surgery on 4/18/22. The surgery went well. Pray for healing in her body. She has a long way to go with more surgery ahead.
  • Lisa Keith will be having more tests done on her heart, as well as a follow up for a mammogram that was not quit right.
  • Sue Baker has been having colon issues & had surgery on Wed. 4/13/22. Please pray for her recovery.
  • Praying against the abortion clinic scheduled to come into Casper in June. Prayer vigil every Thursday @ 5 pm at 918 E. 2nd Street.
  • MaKenna Hout was in a motorcycle accident on 4/4/22. She had surgery on her collarbone, ankles/feet & her knee. Please pray for her recovery.
  • Tom Ehlin, brother of Tim Ehlin, underwent intestinal reconnection surgery, 3/15/22. It was a very extensive surgery. Tom is doing well with his recovery.
  • Karen Hout had foot surgery on 3/3/22. Please pray for a full recovery.
  • Our country
  • The country of Ukraine
  • Outpost Christian Church

Long Term Requests:

  • For those who have lost loved ones over the past several weeks, months & years.
  • Please pray for the Bradley & Lindsey Erickson family as Lindsey's mom suddenly passed away on 4/27/22.
  • Susan Dillie Family – Sister of Cindy Norris – Susan passed away on 4/27/22.
  • Brad Wiles' family, as Brad's brother, Rick was killed in a car accident on 4/27/22.
  • Jeanne Boyd family, as Jeanne passed away on 4/18/22.
  • Bob Cheney Family as Bob passed away the second to last week of March, 2022.
  • Jim Boyd Family, as Jim passed away on 2/25/22.
  • Tom Wasik, brother of Donna Miller, suffered a heart attack, was dealing with Covid and passed away in Idaho.

  • PVCS school year. Pray for the strength of the Lord in the lives of our teachers to finish out the year strong. Pray for good health for everyone at the school.

  • Hally Tenney's sister, Marilyn Stevens, has a broken vertebrae. Please pray for healing in her life.
  • Continue praying for Michael Mondle, his MS treatment is being very hard on his body. Pray for results & release from the pain. Lift Casey, his wife up also.
  • Chris Soost & family need our prayers. Chris is a coworker of Shawn Stevens. Chris' wife has been diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. They lost a son 2 years ago. Chris has been dealing with a back injury. Pray for hope & healing through everything they are dealing with.
  • Robin Hale - She continues to deal with physical ailments. Thank you for your prayers.
  • Joyce Mondle's Coworker's son, Andy King is dealing with Stage 2 colon cancer. His cancer is in remission but is dealing with a lot of pain. Pray for relief.