Praise/Prayer List

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Praise/Prayer List



  • Mitch & Mona Taylor were baptized on 11/14/22.
  • Ralph & Shira Campbell placed their membership with the church on 11/20/22.
  • Rowan Erickson was baptized on 10/30/2022.
  • Ryan & Kenzie Hosey had their new baby girl. Lynnleigh was born on 10/04/22.
  • Karter Webb was baptized on 09/20/22.
  • Manuel Moreno was baptized on 08/21/22.
  • Devaen Moreno was baptized on 08/21/22.
  • John & Meghan Cramer had their new baby girl. Norah James Cramer was born on 8/18/22.
  • Gracie Coates was baptized on 07/04/22.
  • Shawn Milek was baptized on 06/22/22 at Outpost Christian Church.
  • 7 Baptisms @ Youth For Christ event that our Church was a part of.
  • Carol Martin was baptized on 04/14/22.
  • Ethan Heinly was baptized on 04/03/22.
  • Spencer Henry was baptized on 04/03/22.
  • Cliff Henry was baptized on 04/03/22.
  • Rylee Alder was baptized on 03/13/22.
  • Lynette Whitlock placed her membership with the church on 03/20/2022.
  • Bill & Kate Goodrich placed their membership with the church on 02/06/2022.
  • Rob & Shiloh Esterline placed their membership with the church on 02/13/2022.
  • Daniel & Chelsea Trujillo were baptized on 02/09/22.
  • Robert Staples was baptized on 12/30/21.
  • Chris Koepp was baptized on 12/26/21.
  • Nicole Anderson was baptized on 12/26/21.
  • Russell Mullan was baptized on 12/14/21.
  • Michelle Fisher was baptized on 12/13/21.
  • Keaton Steele was baptized on 12/10/21.
  • Faith Hall was baptized on 11/14/21.

Recent Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for the future of our Church and for the new building as we move forward in God's timing.
  • Maxine Stevens' valve that was replaced in her heart is failing. They have changed her medication with hopes that it fixes the valve problem.
  • Please pray for 20 more students for our Christian School within the next month.
  • Sharren Nicholson has a tumor that they are hoping to shrink with chemo in order to remove it.
  • Ryan Cox, nephew of Dennis & Denise Calder, age 47, has scar tissue blocking blood flow to his brain. Ryan's surgery on 10/4/22 to bypass the carotid artery was successful. He is making some progress at times and then is digressing at times as well. Please pray for Ryan and his wife, Cori and their 3 kids, 15 year old, 3 year old & 1 year old.
  • Praying for protection over Crisis Pregnancy Centers around our country.
  • Praying against the abortion clinic scheduled to come into Casper. Prayer vigil every Thursday @ 5 pm at 918 E. 2nd Street.
  • Our country
  • The country of Ukraine
  • Outpost Christian Church

Long Term Requests:

  • Karen, step-mom of Todd Erickson has cancer in several areas of her body and is not doing well.
  • Tom Ehlin, brother of Tim Ehlin, underwent intestinal reconnection surgery, 3/15/22. It was a very extensive surgery. Tom is doing well with his recovery.
  • Continue praying for Michael Mondle, he is struggling with neurological issues due to his MS. Pray for doctors to find an answer. Lift Casey, his wife, up also.
  • Joyce Mondle's Coworker's son, Andy King is still dealing with Stage 2 colon cancer. Please pray for God to be continually at work as he goes through treatments.

For those who have lost loved ones over the past several weeks, months & years.

  • Marty Rone family - Her dad, Marvin Rone, passed away 11/23/22.
  • John Gillham family - His mom, Jan Gillham, passed away on 11/20/22.
  • Mary Andrews family - Mary passed away on 10/23/22.
  • Karl Pierce Family - Karl's sister, Delia, passed away on 9/26/22.
  • Bill Hout Family - Bill's sister, Kathryn, passed away on 9/12/22.
  • Marty Rone Family - Marty's mom, Adrienne Rone, passed away on 8/15/2022.
  • Ryan Hosey Family - Ryan's dad, Lowell Hosey, passed away on 7/3/2022.
  • Mike Harrison Family - Mike was in a motorcycle accident and passed away on 6/19/22.
  • Michal Hanselmann Family - Michal's uncle, George Preis, passed away on 6/16/22.
  • Rhonda Stewart Family - Rhonda passed away on 6/9/2022. Keep George & the family in your prayers.
  • The families of Eric Miller & Kristi Miller as their mom, Judy, passed away on 5/27/22.
  • Please pray for the Bradley & Lindsey Erickson family as Lindsey's mom suddenly passed away on 4/27/22.
  • Susan Dillie Family – Sister of Cindy Norris – Susan passed away on 4/27/22.
  • Brad Wiles' family, as Brad's brother, Rick was killed in a car accident on 4/27/22.
  • Jeanne Boyd family, as Jeanne passed away on 4/18/22.
  • Tom Wasik, brother of Donna Miller, suffered a heart attack, was dealing with Covid and passed away in Idaho.