Praise/Prayer List

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Praise/Prayer List



  • Praise God that all of our teacher positions are filled for our Christian School!!!
  • Praise God that He has led us to a new Principal/Director for our Christian School!!! (Justin Lewis)
  • Gracie Coates was baptized on 07/04/22.
  • Shawn Milek was baptized on 06/22/22 at Outpost Christian Church.
  • 7 Baptisms @ Youth For Christ event that our Church was a part of.
  • Carol Martin was baptized on 04/14/22.
  • Ethan Heinly was baptized on 04/03/22.
  • Spencer Henry was baptized on 04/03/22.
  • Cliff Henry was baptized on 04/03/22.
  • Rylee Alder was baptized on 03/13/22.
  • Lynette Whitlock placed her membership with the church on 03/20/2022.
  • Bill & Kate Goodrich placed their membership with the church on 02/06/2022.
  • Rob & Shiloh Esterline placed their membership with the church on 02/13/2022.
  • Daniel & Chelsea Trujillo were baptized on 02/09/22.
  • Robert Staples was baptized on 12/30/21.
  • Chris Koepp was baptized on 12/26/21.
  • Nicole Anderson was baptized on 12/26/21.
  • Russell Mullan was baptized on 12/14/21.
  • Michelle Fisher was baptized on 12/13/21.
  • Keaton Steele was baptized on 12/10/21.
  • Faith Hall was baptized on 11/14/21.

Recent Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for the future of our Church and for the new building as we move forward in God's timing.
  • Colter Lewis is sick and having a hard time recovering.
  • Bev & Jacques Blackwell both fell. Pray for healing and recovery.
  • Brian Van Weert, family friend of the Legerski's, is in the hospital with an unknown internal bleed. Please pray for healing.
  • Bill Miller, father of Eric & Kristi had open heart surgery on 7/18/22. He had 5 bi-passes done. Pray for continual healing.
  • Praying for God to provide much needed substitute teachers for our Christian School.
  • Praying for protection over Crisis Pregnancy Centers around our country.
  • Earl Keith fell down the stairs and tore some ligaments in his leg. He is back home. Praying for healing.
  • Jim Glover has a broken neck. Praying for healing.
  • Jack Cummings had a surgery on his vertebrae on July 18th. It went well. Please continue to pray for healing.
  • Kathy Keith had a surgery on 7/14/22 to try and help with pain in her back. Please continue to pray for healing.
  • Mary Andrews has been moved to Meadow Winds assisted living in the memory care unit. Please pray for healing in her body and for everyone involved as she gets older.
  • Russell Runyon, father of Debbie Coates, fell and went to the hospital. He is now at Meadow Winds. Pray that his body will continue to heal.
  • Mary Davis, mom of Lauren Miller & Nicole Reents, is now home from the Denver hospital. Pray for healing in her body. She has a long road ahead of her.
  • Praying against the abortion clinic scheduled to come into Casper. Prayer vigil every Thursday @ 5 pm at 918 E. 2nd Street.
  • Our country
  • The country of Ukraine
  • Outpost Christian Church

Long Term Requests:

  • For those who have lost loved ones over the past several weeks, months & years.
  • Ryan Hosey Family - Ryan's dad, Lowell Hosey, passed away on 7/3/2022.
  • Mike Harrison Family - Mike was in a motorcycle accident and passed away on 6/19/22.
  • Michal Hanselmann Family - Michal's uncle, George Preis, passed away on 6/16/22.
  • Rhonda Stewart Family - Rhonda passed away on 6/9/2022. Keep George & the family in your prayers.
  • The families of Eric Miller & Kristi Miller as their mom, Judy, passed away on 5/27/22.
  • Please pray for the Bradley & Lindsey Erickson family as Lindsey's mom suddenly passed away on 4/27/22.
  • Susan Dillie Family – Sister of Cindy Norris – Susan passed away on 4/27/22.
  • Brad Wiles' family, as Brad's brother, Rick was killed in a car accident on 4/27/22.
  • Jeanne Boyd family, as Jeanne passed away on 4/18/22.
  • Bob Cheney Family as Bob passed away the second to last week of March, 2022.
  • Jim Boyd Family, as Jim passed away on 2/25/22.
  • Tom Wasik, brother of Donna Miller, suffered a heart attack, was dealing with Covid and passed away in Idaho.

  • Karen, step-mom of Todd Erickson has cancer in several areas of her body and is not doing well.
  • Tom Ehlin, brother of Tim Ehlin, underwent intestinal reconnection surgery, 3/15/22. It was a very extensive surgery. Tom is doing well with his recovery.
  • Continue praying for Michael Mondle, his MS treatment is being very hard on his body. Pray for results & release from the pain. Lift Casey, his wife, up also.
  • Joyce Mondle's Coworker's son, Andy King is dealing with Stage 2 colon cancer. His cancer is in remission but is dealing with a lot of pain. Pray for relief.